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Livingston 2018 CIP – Meeting #1


Keith Waring – TD&H Engineering

Matt McGee – TD&H Engineering

Matt Whitman – City of Livingston

Eric Smith – COP Construction

Steve Raudenbush – COP Construction

Reedie Spencer – COP Construction

TD&H project update:

Snow has slowed the start of the project but asphalt pulverizing expected to start today. TD&H has completed a project website:

COP project update:

Pulverize asphalt, blade millings and roll for entire project limits. Then move to utility improvements in Callender Street, 3-4 weeks. Sidewalk removal to be simultaneous with utility improvements. Directly after sidewalk removal, COP will install gravel and maintain business access during construction.

Public comments:

Hitching ring has been removed outside the Mint. This preservation item was identified in the contract to be preserved and installed in new concrete. Matt W. called in a police report to investigate. Matt W. will also report this incident to the Enterprise.

Delivery coordination will go through Steve R. with COP.

Concern that traffic is not heading the stop signs in the construction zone. TD&H will put a warning on the project website and Matt W. will inform the police department of the traffic violations.

Project signage off Park Street is confusing for traffic and they are avoiding the first block off Park Street due to current signage. TD&H will look into options to improve communication for traffic control off Park Street.

Clarification that alleys are open for deliveries and parking. COP will maintain access to alley traffic when the streets are closed and will work with businesses on deliveries etc.

Matt W. mentioned that Dan at Riverside Hardware is designated as the Community Liaison for this project and will have additional project information as it becomes available for the public. This information should also be added to the project website.

Leslie Feigel (Chamber) is hanging downtown banners and communicating with KBZK News regarding businesses being open during construction.

Patricia Grabow provided copies of meeting minutes from a downtown business owner brainstorming group.

Next public meeting is Wednesday April 11, 2018 • 8:30 am at the Livingston Center for Art & Culture, 119 S. Main Street

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