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Livingston 2018 CIP – Meeting #3

TDH project update:

Work on water in Callender Street progressing

Couple issues we are working through with COP and CoL

Private gas service last week

Unknown sewer line Monday

2nd water crew to start in Lewis Street today

COP construction update:

Friday the water crew in Callender Street anticipates crossing Main Street

COP anticipated removing asphalt and concrete in Callender Street starting at the 2nd Street intersection in 2 weeks (4/30/2018)

If businesses know of private utilities, they need to be located by a private locator prior to work adjacent to their business

Traffic control concerns/comments:

Lewis Street closure

Still traffic confusion in construction area but local access signage has helped and is appreciated

Other items:

Diesel fuel stolen from COP work trailer over the weekend

Public comment

Two day notice on water shut down for businesses in Lewis Street would be appreciated. COP is able to provide 2 day notice

Construction schedule has not changed by adding a second crew on Lewis Street, COP has just updated their strategy for work

Fire Hall and theatre expressed concern about access and would like to coordinate with COP prior to removing sidewalk

Parking lot on 2nd Street according to City the spots are rented. City will look into option to open for parking over the summer

Temporary lighting in the downtown. There is no plan to provide temporary lighting for this project.  Businesses can leave lights on at night to help light the walking spaces as an option

Public comment that COP crew in Callender Street has done a good job of being aware and conscious of pedestrians during construction

Next public meeting is Wednesday April 25, 2018.  8:30 am at the Livingston Center for Art & Culture, 119 S. Main Street