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Livingston 2018 CIP – Meeting #5

TDH project update

Water installation is complete and testing in progress

Work on stormdrain in Callender & sewer in Main

COP construction update:

Anticipated schedule

Finish sewer main in Main Street by 5/4, open Main Street for the weekend

Finish stormdrain in 2nd and Callender by 5/7, then open the intersection for a week

Week of 5/7: 1 crew work on stormdrain in Callender and 1 crew work on sewer services in Main

Week of 5/14: 1 crew working on stormdrain in Main and 1 crew finishing stormdrain in both Callender and Lewis

Public comment:

Sidewalk cracking on 2nd Street near project limits due to material staging – COP and engineer will look at

Speed of machines a concern

COP maintains that construction schedule is on track and maybe even ahead of schedule

Businesses would appreciate continued email updates from Matt W. and even more frequently

Next public meeting is Wednesday May 9, 2018. 8:30 am at the Livingston Center for Art & Culture, 119 S. Main Street