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Livingston 2018 CIP – Meeting #6

COP is currently installing sewer services along Main Street. This will most likely be occurring through tomorrow, 5/9. Once they have finished with the sewer services they will begin installing the Storm Main along Main Street proceeding from Lewis to Callender. They will most likely be to mid-block at the weekend, 5/11. They will move their equipment to the West side of the street and take up parking along the street and one lane of traffic allowing driving and parking on Main Street over the weekend. They also plan to open the intersection of Callender and 2nd Street on 5/9. Please keep in mind that these are preliminary plans and are subject to changes.

COP hopes to complete underground utility work by 5/18. The next phase of the project will be street reconstruction. COP will start at Callender & 2nd Street and work towards B Street. Next they will work on Lewis Street and finally Main Street. Further details on anticipated length for the next phase of work will be provided next week.

Next public meeting is Wednesday May 16, 2018. 8:30 am at the Livingston Center for Art & Culture, 119 S. Main Street