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Livingston 2018 CIP – Meeting #9

TDH project update:

Demo on Callender continued.

COP Construction update:

Anticipated schedule

End of week or early next week finish demo work in Callender.

Lewis is next for demo.

Ideally, COP is finished with all demo by end of June, weather dependent.

Electricians have started work in Callender behind demo.

Traffic control concerns/comments:

COP will continue to maintain trench gravel crossings and will no longer work through rain events, not worth the trouble.

Public Comment:

The alley between B Street and Main is Phase III of this project and will have conduit installation, prep and pavement. COP will maintain access during conduit installation and will coordinate access during pavement preparation and paving operations.

Art walks are on Thursdays and Contractor is aware of these events and will have the work area cleaned up after the work day is finished.

Next public meeting is Wednesday June 6, 2018. 8:30 am at the Livingston Center for Art & Culture, 119 S. Main Street