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Livingston 2019 CIP – Meeting #2

TD&H project update:

Contractor is mobilizing and starting work.

WMC project update:

Contractor is working with NorthWestern Energy to move a gas main that is obstructing rehabilitation work and wastewater bypass pumping.  Hoping to still start on removing sewer early next week.  Need to work with City to get vehicles in the work zone moved prior to next week.

Contractor preliminary schedule:

Week of 4/8/2019: Start on sewer main replacement in Clark Street at B/C alley pending utility work necessary to begin bypass pumping

Delivery coordination through Steve R. (WMC).  Clarification that alleys are open for deliveries and parking.  WMC will maintain access to alley traffic when the streets are closed and will work with businesses on deliveries etc

Public Comment:

When will Main Street be closed?  Estimated to be early May

Contractor will maintain pedestrian access to downtown at all times. 

Next public meeting is Thursday April 11, 2019 @ 8:30 am at ERA Landmark, 215 S. Main Street