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Livingston 2019 CIP – Meeting #11

TD&H project update:

Storm drain installation is now in Clark Street and then will be completed.  Demo will start next week

WMC project update:

Traffic control will remain the same now through the demolition phase of the project.  Contractor is planning to start demolition the week of June 10 and will begin on Clark Street near Neptune’s and Wilcoxson’s.  Paving week of June 10 on sewer extension and Main South of Geyser

Paving the trench east of B Street on Clark and the Geyser intersection and south to Fleshman Creek in Main Street on Monday June 17.  These areas will be closed to traffic starting Wednesday June 12 to prepare for pavement and will be reopened after paving for the duration of the project.

Public comment:

First art walk is the fourth Friday of June.  Senior Center – flag pole, traffic signage and sidewalk demolition continued coordination.

Contractor will maintain pedestrian access to downtown at all times.  Safety reminder. 

Next public meeting is Thursday June 13, 2019 @ 8:30 am at ERA Landmark, 215 S. Main Street