City of Livingston

City of Livingston
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Downtown Livingston, MT

The City of Livingston has partnered with TD&H Engineering to create a Capital Improvement Plan for the future of our downtown, one that will make our city center safe, vibrant and family-friendly for years to come.

The main focus area is 12 blocks in downtown - Park Street to Geyser and 3rd Street to B Street. The planned improvements for this year will update aging infrastructure while maintaining the character and historical details that makes Livingston special.

This year (2019) work on this downtown area will focus on the following:

Reconstruction of the core of downtown Livingston Infrastructure.

Specifically Main Street from Lewis Street to Geyser Street, and Clark Street from the alley between 2nd and Main Street to B Street. There will be utility improvements outside of these limits as well.

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Install new downtown area sidewalks with current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, improving accessibility and safety for everyone.


Replacement of old sewer, water, and storm drains.


The City is committed to ensuring improvements are made efficiently to minimize inconvenience to residents and business owners.

Public meetings will be held on Thursdays at 8:30 am at ERA Landmark.
The first meeting will be held March 28th.

Please follow the website and City Facebook page for updates on anticipated schedule and traffic control.